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Cogmed Working Memory Training Eligibility Process

The whole Cogmed process and training can occur REMOTELY, so anyone eligible can participate!

Eligibility assessments are conducted online for FREE prior to acceptance in the training. This is to ensure training suitability and that participants have the best chance of effectively completing the full program. The training requires commitment, motivation and hard work (whilst having fun)!

Step 1:

Complete the initial intake screening form online

Complete Step 1

Step 2:

Complete assessment questions online to determine eligibility and understand difficulties

Step 3:

Complete a telephone or face to face information appointment and 'Start Up' session

Step 4 :

If eligible, full payment is required prior to commencement

Payment Options

Step 5:

Commence Cogmed Working Memory Training Online

We offer Assessment and Training Packages

Cognitive assessments can be conducted prior to training, inclusive of working memory and attention tests and scales

Additional costs apply for assessment and training packages, however, you will save at least $200 off the usual cost of cognitive assessments.

Cognitive Assessments

We measure Training and Working Memory Progress through:

Quantitative and Qualitative methods

  • Built-in Training Progress Index Statistic - see performance as you train and learn
  • Pre and post training behaviour rating scales - completed by participants, parents and/or teachers
  • Setting initial personal goals
  • Observations of skill performance in the participants real environment - this may include performance in day to day activities, academic achievement and related behaviour, and school test results.