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About Melinda Metaxas & Associates Pty Ltd

Melinda Metaxas & Associates Pty Ltd comprises of the Neural Pathways Specialist Learning Clinic and the Maryborough Psychology & Health Clinic. Melinda Metaxas & Associates Pty Ltd provide quality evidence-based assessment and therapeutic/counselling support services to children, adolescents and adults, that are:

  • catered to an individual’s needs,
  • that assist with building capacity, and/or
  • that opens up opportunities.

Clinicians at Melinda Metaxas & Associates Pty Ltd assist participants to become more independent and live with greater quality through improved functioning. Capacity is increased through teaching participants the skills and strategies they may require, enabling them to work towards their full potential. This can be achieved through counselling, practical skills therapy, or behaviour management at the Maryborough Psychology Clinic, or through Cogmed Working Memory Training (remotely via the Neural Pathways Specialist Learning Clinic).

In addition, cognitive, educational and functional assessments are available through the Neural Pathways Clinic, to help diagnose, or understand behaviour, symptoms, and reactions, or to determine cognitive or developmental levels and functioning capacity. Identifying a participant’s difficulties, strengths and needs allow us to provide appropriate and specific recommendations, support, treatment, and/or intervention plans.

Dr Melinda Metaxas, Managing Director, is a registered psychologist with a PhD in the field of special education and psychology and is vastly experienced in assessing the needs of children and adults who present with cognitive impairments, developmental delays or learning problems as related to intellectual disability, genetic disorders, dyslexia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, depression, working memory deficits, language disorders, acquired brain injuries, and general learning or performance issues.

Our Cogmed Working Memory Training Program is also conducted under the supervision and structured guidance of qualified Cogmed coach, Dr Melinda Metaxas. Our Cogmed training is offered remotely so that anyone eligible within Australia has the opportunity to participate, no matter where their location!

Based in Bendigo Victoria

Some services offered to Central, North, and Western Regional Victoria

Some services can be provided remotely to anyone

  • Cognitive/Neurological Assessments
  • Educational/Academic Assessments
  • Specific Learning Disability Assessments (Dyslexia)
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training

Clinic located in Maryborough Victoria 

Services offered in Maryborough and surrounding districts

  • Mental Health Counselling/Therapeutic Support
  • NDIS Intensive Behaviour Change Program
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Meditation Groups
  • Cognitive, Educational & Specific Learning Disability Assessments

We can be contacted on:

0417 441 700